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World - Oman detains judge who criticized judiciary: rights group

Police in Oman have detained a senior judge who criticized the judiciary in a newspaper which was shut down earlier this week by court order, an Omani rights group said on Wednesday. Ali al-Numani, Oman`s supreme court deputy, is being held in a police hospital and is in good health, the Omani Human Rights Commission said in a statement. Numani told the privately owned Azamn newspaper in an interview in August that Oman`s attorney general and supreme court justice chief had `abused laws of the state`.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016  17:31


Most Recent - Ali Bongo sworn in as Gabon`s president after disputed election

Gabon President Ali Bongo has been sworn in for a second 7-year term following a disputed election that had sparked deadly violence.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016  09:17


World - Gabon`s Ali Bongo: dynastic scion in his father`s shadow

Ali Bongo, whose re-election victory was upheld by Gabon`s constitutional court Saturday, has long sought to emerge from the shadow of his father, Omar Bongo, who ruled the country for 41 years until his death in 2009. Bongo, a stockily-built 57-year-old, is variously known by his initials ABO, Ali B and the less flattering `Monsieur Fils` -- `Mr. Son`. The last nickname has always irked him the most: Bongo has long insisted he owes his position to his own merits rather than to nepotism.

Saturday, September 24, 2016  04:12


World - Tunisia top cleric`s call to end strikes stirs outrage

An appeal from Tunisia`s highest religious authority for workers to end strikes and protests and save the country`s ailing economy stirred outrage on Tuesday. Grand Mufti Othman Battikh on Monday called on Tunisians to `dedicate all their efforts to working and studying` and to `abandon untimely protests and sit-ins hindering work and production`. Authorities have struggled to redress Tunisia`s economy and solve youth unemployment -- particularly among new graduates -- since the 2011 revolt that toppled longtime dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  19:16


World - Gunmen in Somalia kill radio journalist

Gunmen killed a Somali radio journalist in the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday, an official told Reuters. Killings of journalists in Somalia are not uncommon and are mostly blamed on al Shabaab, the Islamist militant group fighting to topple the country`s Western backed government and rule the country according to sharia law. `Unidentified men armed with pistols killed our colleague this evening,` Radio Shabelle`s station manager, Abukar Sheikh, told Reuters by phone about Abdiasis Ali Haji.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  19:04


World - Female Boko Haram victims in Nigerian camps forced to sell sex as food runs out

By Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani ABUJA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tired of watching her five children go hungry in a camp for people fleeing Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, Amina Ali Pulka decided to befriend a young man who worked in the kitchen. Desperate due to the lack of aid distributed at the Bakassi camp in the city of Maiduguri, the 30-year-old had sex with the man in exchange for extra food to give to her children. `I did it because I had nobody to feed me or clothe me,` Pulka told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone, adding that the man, who like her had been uprooted by Boko Haram violence, also gave her money which she used to buy soap and other items.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  18:24


World - Gabon`s President Bongo sworn in after disputed election

LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AP) — Gabon`s President Ali Bongo Ondimba has been sworn in for a second seven-year term keeping his family`s dynasty in place for decades after winning re-election by a slim margin in a disputed vote.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  18:00


World - Gabon`s President Bongo sworn in after disputed elections

LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AP) — Gabon`s President Ali Bongo Ondimba has been sworn in for a second seven-year term keeping his family`s dynasty in place for decades after winning re-election by a slim margin in a disputed vote.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  17:32


World - Gabon president Bongo sworn in after disputed poll

By Edward McAllister LIBREVILLE (Reuters) - Gabon President Ali Bongo was sworn in for a second term on Tuesday and called for unity at a low-key ceremony following a razor-thin election victory whose integrity was questioned by international observers. Bongo`s victory by less than 6,000 votes has drawn unwelcome scrutiny on the president, whose family has ruled the oil-producing state in Central Africa for 49 years. France called for a recount and the European Union said it detected anomalies in Bongo`s stronghold province of Haut-Ogooue, where he won 95 percent of the vote on a 99.9 percent turnout.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  16:32


World - Iran`s Ahmadinejad rules out third presidential bid

Iran`s controversial former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose two-term rule saw the country increasingly isolated internationally, has said he will not stand again following advice from supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. `In following the will of the great leader of the revolution, I have no plans to be present in next year`s presidential competitions,` he wrote in a letter to Khamenei made public by Iranian media on Tuesday. Ahmadinejad`s stand-down came a day after Khamenei, in cautiously worded remarks and without naming the ex-president, indicated that his standing again would be a mistake.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  16:16

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