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World - Smog-hit China aims for environmental stimulus as growth wanes

By David Stanway and Shu Zhang BEIJING (Reuters) - Days before Beijing cut bank reserve requirements to boost lending to China`s slowing economy, officials in Hebei province met with dozens of banks and steel mills to find financing to revive local industry and tackle chronic environmental problems. During the meeting with 32 banks and 64 steel mills, which came a month after Premier Li Keqiang voiced support for financing initiatives for the smoggy northern province, 18 banks agreed to lend more than 623 billion yuan ($100 billion) for `technological renovation and industrial transformation` this year, Hebei`s industry bureau said.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015  22:22


World - Uncle of Syria`s Assad in French probe over 90-million-euro fortune

The uncle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is under investigation in France for amassing a 90-million-euro fortune, including a stud farm and luxury apartments, despite being kicked out of Syria `with nothing` 30 years ago. French investigators have provided details to AFP of their year-long probe into the finances of Rifaat al-Assad, the younger brother of late dictator Hafez al-Assad. Rifaat has spent more than 30 luxurious years moving between homes in Paris, London and the southern Spanish city of Marbella since he was forced into exile for trying to seize power from his brother. The inventory includes a stud farm near Paris, as well as two mansions, two apartment blocks and a plot of land in the French capital.

Monday, April 27, 2015  13:06


America - Clinton cash questions over Russian deal

New investigations into Clinton family finances reveal possible conflicts of interest - but is there fire behind the smoke?

Thursday, April 23, 2015  21:28


Top Stories - Charles Koch: We`re not in politics to boost our bottom line

Charles Koch says political activity not aimed at helping company`s finances

Thursday, April 23, 2015  20:34


World - UK voters left in dark on post-election fiscal plans: think tank

By William James and William Schomberg LONDON (Reuters) - Britain`s main political parties are not letting voters know how they would run public finances after the May 7 election, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, an independent think tank, said on Thursday. The election offers voters the biggest degree of choice over taxation and spending since at least 1992, as Britain`s political leaders take different approaches to one of the biggest budget deficits in the rich world. `All the parties have told us where they are going to increase things, and none of them have given us much detail about where they are going to make people worse off,` IFS director Paul Johnson said at a presentation. The Conservative and Labour parties are neck and neck in opinion polls, with neither likely to win an outright majority.

Thursday, April 23, 2015  16:51


World - UK voters in the dark on post-election fiscal plans: think tank

Britain`s main political parties are not giving voters important details of how they would run the public finances after the May 7 national election, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, an independent think tank, said on Thursday. The election offered voters the biggest differences over fiscal policy since at least 1992, the IFS said. `The electorate has a real choice, although it can at best see only the broad outlines of that choice,` said Carl Emmerson, deputy director of the independent IFS think-tank. Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservative Party wants to eliminate the budget deficit without raising taxes by 2019.

Thursday, April 23, 2015  11:37


World - Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

By Richard Woods and Estelle Shirbon GLOUCESTER, England (Reuters) - Like millions of other British voters, Karl Wakeman supported Margaret Thatcher`s Conservatives in the 1980s and then Tony Blair`s New Labour in the late 1990s. In his eyes, the last Labour government bungled its handling of the European Union, mass immigration and the country`s finances. So on May 7 he`s going to vote for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a populist group that deplores the EU and mass immigration. Though UKIP won just 3.1 percent of the votes in the 2010 election, polls suggest it could win 13 percent in 2015, draining support from the Conservatives and, to a lesser extent, from Labour.

Thursday, April 23, 2015  10:23


World - Prosecutors build case against traffickers as EU mulls plan

CATANIA, Sicily (AP) — Prosecutors are starting to build the case against the traffickers responsible for what might be the Mediterranean`s worst migrant disaster as European Union leaders mull a new plan to stem the tide and undermine smugglers` finances and most precious assets: the boats.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015  09:51


World - Greece prepares legislation on reforms to appease EU/IMF lenders

Greece is preparing draft legislation with reform proposals promised to the country`s EU/IMF lenders, the finance ministry said on Monday, as Athens scrambles to strike a deal with the creditors to unlock cash. The lenders have demanded that Greece show it is committed to implementing reforms by passing them through parliament. The bill will cover fiscal issues, tax reforms and public administration reforms, television media licenses and a tax on TV advertisements, the finance ministry said. It said the bill was discussed at the first meeting of a new team named to handle talks with lenders at a political level.

Monday, April 27, 2015  19:08


World - African, Asian leaders agree to cooperate against terrorism

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Asian and African leaders agreed to develop concrete ways to cooperate in fighting extremism and the financing of terrorism, they said at the conclusion of a summit in Indonesia`s capital Thursday.

Thursday, April 23, 2015  15:21

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