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Top Stories - College football player with Asperger`s did the `impossible`

Justin Hansen is 16 years old and doesn`t want to say a word. He won`t make eye contact.

Friday, November 27, 2015  12:55


World - El Nio rains triggers more soy fungus in Brazil

By Gustavo Bonato SAO PAULO (Reuters) - The number of Asian soybean rust fungus cases in Brazil has nearly doubled from the previous year due to heavy rainfall in the south triggered by El Nio, according to industry data. `El Nio causes a higher average rainfall in the south, favoring rust (fungus),` said Claudia Godoy, a plant pathologist at agricultural research body Embrapa Soy, referring to the climate phenomenon that tends to bring rain to southern Brazil and drought to the northeast. Brazil is forecast to produce a record 2015/16 soy crop that could surpass 100 million tonnes.

Friday, November 27, 2015  12:55


Europe - Suspicious packages found at Brussels mosque

Emergency responders were investigating suspicious packages containing white powder found Thursday at a prominent mosque in Brussels, a Brussels Fire Brigade and Emergency Medical Service spokesman said Thursday.

Friday, November 27, 2015  04:31


World - Turkey `temporarily` suspends Syria air strikes after Russia spat

NATO member Turkey has `temporarily` suspended air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria after the downing of a Russian warplane on the Syrian border sparked a major row with Moscow, local media reported on Friday. Turkish F-16 jets on Tuesday shot down a Russian warplane which Ankara said had breached its air space. Russia on Thursday vowed to carry out broad retaliatory measures against Turkey`s economy.

Friday, November 27, 2015  09:41


World - Indonesia raises concerns over Australia`s handling of asylum seekers

Indonesia voiced concern on Friday that Australia had detained and returned 16 asylum seekers whose Indonesian boat was intercepted by the Australian navy a week ago without informing the Indonesian authorities. Australian authorities held the asylum seekers, who hailed from Bangladesh, India and Nepal, for four days before sending them back to Indonesia, Indonesia`s official Antara news agency reported. `We are concerned when some country like Australia...rather than informing us and working with us, they took unilateral action and pushed back the boat,` Hasan Kleib, the Indonesian foreign ministry`s director general for multilateral affairs, told reporters.

Friday, November 27, 2015  05:08


World - Destruction of Brazil`s Amazon forest jumps 16 percent in 2015

The destruction of Brazil`s Amazon forest, the world`s largest intact rainforest, increased by 16 percent in 2015 from a year ago as the government struggles to enforce legislation and stop illegal clearings. Satellite data for the 12 months through the end of July released on Thursday showed that 5,831 square km (2,251 square miles) of forests were cleared in the Brazilian Amazon, an area half the size of Puerto Rico. The data released by the environment ministry on Thursday confirmed preliminary information released by environmental institutions recently that were showing an increase in deforestation after a fall seen in 2014.

Friday, November 27, 2015  00:54


World - Italy says no agreement made at G20 to extend Russia sanctions

No agreement was reached among leaders at this month`s Group of 20 summit in Turkey to extend sanctions against Russia over its intervention in Ukraine, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Thursday. A senior European diplomat told Reuters this week that Western leaders at the G20 in Antalya agreed on the margins of the meeting to extend the sanctions, which are due to expire in January, by six months to until July next year.. `No decision regarding the sanctions was taken at the G20 in Turkey,` Gentiloni told the Chamber of Deputies. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has repeatedly stressed the need to avoid isolating Russia and to involve it in attempts to resolve international conflicts, though he has not spoken publicly about whether the sanctions should be extended.

Thursday, November 26, 2015  15:49


World - Western leaders agreed to extend Russia sanctions by six months: diplomat

(Reuters) - Western leaders who met on the margins of last week`s Group of 20 summit in Turkey agreed to extend sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine by six months until July of next year, a senior European diplomat told Reuters. The decision was taken despite mounting calls to cooperate more closely with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the fight against Islamic State militants following the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris which killed 130 people. U.S. President Barack Obama, Germany`s Angela Merkel, Britain`s David Cameron, Italy`s Matteo Renzi and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who represented French President Francois Hollande at the summit, attended the brief meeting near the conclusion of the G20 meeting in Antalya.

Saturday, November 21, 2015  22:21


World - Turkey detains Belgian citizen over Paris attacks: report

Turkey has detained a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin on suspicion of links to the Paris attacks, the Dogan news agency reported on Saturday. Ahmet Dahmani, 26, is accused of conducting reconnaissance work to choose the sites for the attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and were claimed by Islamic State (IS) jihadists, the report said. Anti-terror police had followed Dahmani after he arrived at Antalya`s airport and checked into a five-star hotel in the luxury resort of Manavgat to the east of the city on November 16.

Saturday, November 21, 2015  10:28


World - Turkish police arrest suspected Islamic State scout in Paris attacks

Turkish police have arrested a Belgian man of Moroccan origin on suspicion he scouted out the target sites for Islamic State in attacks that killed 129 people in Paris a week ago, a Turkish government official said on Saturday. The official, confirming a report by the Dogan news agency, said two other men were also arrested, without giving details. The Belgian, Ahmet Dahmani, was arrested at a luxury hotel in the southern coastal city of Antalya.

Saturday, November 21, 2015  09:12

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