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World - Al Qaeda in Yemen executes three `spies` for guiding drone strikes

Al Qaeda militants in Yemen executed three local men in the easterly Hadramout province on Monday whom they suspected of assisting U.S. In a statement posted online, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) acknowledged the threat it faced from air attacks by unmanned U.S. AQAP said it had captured a group of spies, adding: `The greatest help they give to the crusaders against the holy warriors is the placing of trackers for American spy planes.` AQAP is deemed by Washington to be one of the most dangerous franchises of the global militant group and controls broad swathes of Yemen, where security has deteriorated badly since the Arab spring protests that ousted the veteran president in 2011.

Monday, September 01, 2014  16:46


World - Florida power utilities fear return of `Green Governor` Crist

By David Adams MIAMI (Reuters) - When Charlie Crist last governed Florida, his green energy and climate policies made him few friends among the state`s powerful electricity corporations. Florida`s three largest utilities have poured money into the re-election campaign of Republican incumbent Governor Rick Scott in an expensive and closely watched political battle for the nation`s largest swing state. As Republican governor between 2007 and 2011, Crist `sent shivers through the entire utility system,` said Colleen Castille, who headed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection under Governor Jeb Bush. Crist was a darling of clean energy advocates, hosting a climate change summit in 2007 alongside another green Republican, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Monday, September 01, 2014  13:39


Sports - Chiefs sign quarterback Smith to contract extension

(Reuters) - Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, a Pro Bowl selection in 2013, signed a long-term contract extension with the National Football League (NFL) team on Sunday. `It was a priority of ours to get this deal done and keep Alex in a Chiefs uniform long-term,` Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said in a statement. He is a special individual with a lot of ability, and we are fortunate to have him here.` Smith, 30, who joined the Chiefs in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers in March last year, has gone 30-9-1 as a starter in the NFL since 2011.

Monday, September 01, 2014  02:06


World - Libyan government says has lost control of most Tripoli ministries

Libya`s government said it has lost control of most ministries and state institutions located in Tripoli after rival armed groups took over the capital. Last month, senior officials and the elected parliament moved to the remote eastern city of Tobruk as an alliance of armed factions led by forces from the western city of Misrata took control of Tripoli, having expelled a rival group. Libya is descending into anarchy as former rebels who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 have turned their guns on each other as they seek to set the country`s political agenda and control its vast oil reserves. `We announce that most ministries, institutions and state bodies in the capital Tripoli are out of our control,` the government said in a statement late on Sunday.

Monday, September 01, 2014  10:59


World - Ukraine tension sparks questions over French warship sale to Russia

Fresh tensions with Russia over Ukraine have sparked renewed agonising in France about the sale of two Mistral-class warships to Moscow that has already drawn sharp criticism from London and Washington. France agreed in 2011 to build and sell the two advanced helicopter assault ships to Russia for a total of 1.2 billion euros ($1.6 billion) with the first scheduled for delivery in October or November and the second in 2015.

Monday, September 01, 2014  21:39


World - Fukushima accepts `temporary` radioactive waste storage

The governor of disaster-struck Fukushima agreed Monday to accept the `temporary` storage of nuclear waste from the Japanese accident, paving the way for an end to a years-long standoff. Yuhei Sato has been cajoled and lavished with the promises of subsidies if he accepts a central government plan to build a depot on land near the battered Fukushima Daiichi plant. `I have made an agonising decision to accept plans to construct temporary storage facilities in order to achieve recovery in the environment as soon as possible,` Sato told central government ministers in Tokyo. The worst nuclear accident in a generation erupted in March 2011 when a huge tsunami swamped the plant on Japan`s northeast coast, flooding cooling systems and sending reactors into meltdown.

Monday, September 01, 2014  20:32


World - 10 Libya troops killed in clashes with jihadists

Jihadist gunmen clashed on Monday with Libyan troops in Benghazi, killing 10 soldiers, as the Islamists tried to advance on an airport in the eastern city, the army said. The fighting came as Libya`s outgoing government said that armed militias were in control of the capital Tripoli, days after Islamists seized its international airport as the oil-rich North African nation further slipped into chaos. In Benghazi, birthplace of the 2011 NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed dictator Moamer Kadhafi, a spokesman for the army`s special forces said the jihadist group Ansar al-Sharia took part in the clashes.

Monday, September 01, 2014  20:19


World - Libya`s elected parliament asks Abdullah al-Thinni to form new government: lawmaker

Libya`s elected parliament, the House of Representatives, asked Abdullah al-Thinni on Monday to form new government for the oil-producing country, a parliamentary spokesman said. Thinni, a former defense minister and career soldier, has been prime minister since March but his position has been challenged by a rival parliament that refuses to recognize the House of Representatives. Libya is descending into anarchy as former rebels who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 have turned their guns on each other, seeking to set the country`s political agenda and control its vast oil reserves.

Monday, September 01, 2014  13:12


Top Stories - U.N. to probe alleged ISIS war crimes

The United Nations Human Rights Council said Monday they will send a special mission to Iraq to investigate human rights abuses and war crimes allegedly committed by ISIS.

Monday, September 01, 2014  20:19


Top Stories - UK slams West Bank move

Britain has urged Israel to reverse its move to claim almost 1,000 acres of land in the Palestinian West Bank, saying it deplores the `ill-judged decision.`

Monday, September 01, 2014  20:19

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